So today I went to a lifesaving station/American Legion in Stone Harbor,NJ (Stephen C. Ludlam post 331).


So first the tour guide took us to a conference room and talked about some lifesaving equipment and times when they helped some boat. He talked about a big spool of rope (in picture below)

Next, we went up to a tower and we had a VERY GOOD VIEW of the street (see below Multiple pictures)

This is me climbing down from the tower (above)

next we looked at musem artifacts from the millitary


Now we are on to the Nature Walk (stone harbor point)

Above are the nature pictures without me in them. Also, we caught a seagull (I think) catching a fish (dad could not get a photo of it, Sorry).

The pictures above are of me and John or just me. My dad almost fell off the observation platform.

And lastly you will see I circled the crab in this picture.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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